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TSM2 series of moulded case circuit breaker is a new type product developed and manufactured by adopting international advanced technology. It is supplied with rated insulation voltage 800V and used for circuit of AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage AC 400V or below rated operating current up to 1600A for infrequent changing over and starting of the motors. Equipped with the protection devices for ever-current, short circuit and under voltage, the product is capable of preventing damage of circuits and  supply units. The products comply with IEC60947-2. 




Manual operation device

The mechanism is used in moulded case circuit breaker to operate the draw-out panel. Power distribution panel and supply box outside the panel by turning the handle ,and to ensure the door of panel would not be opened when the breaker is in “ON” position. The manual operation mechanism can be equipped with two types of handles, “A” model is square handle and  “B” model is round handle.

Motor-driven operation device

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