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Programmable Digital Combined Panel Meter

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TED3 series programmable digital combined panels can measure more than 50 electrical parameters in the electrical systems. It has 2-channel electric energy pulse outputs, 4-channel switching value inputs and RS485 communication output. It can be added 4-channel switching value outputs or 4-channel transmitting outputs.

Measuring Parameter:

Phase-null voltage (VL_N) Phase-phase voltage (VL_L) Phase-current (A) Total current (∑A) Active power (W) Reactive power (var) Apparent power (VA) Power factor (COSФ) Active electric energy (Wh) Reactive electric energy (varh) Average phase-null voltage (VL_N) Average phase-phase voltage (VL_L) Frequency (Hz) Total active power (∑W) Total reactive power (∑var) Total apparent power (∑VA) Max. value (H) Min. value (L) Demand value (M) Measuring Parameter:

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