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Combiner box provides a means of combining multiple source circuits from a PV array into a single or multiple DC output. Each source circuit is separately fused using a touch-safe fuse holder. The combiner box allows for fail-safe operation of the system in the unlikely event that a problem with a source circuit leads to abnormal high current. In addition, the combiner box provides a convenient means of accessing the DC portion of a PV system for routine maintenance and troubleshooting.


· The IP66 design is used for outdoor installation

· MC4 compalible input/output connectors for easy installation

· DC fuse for each PV string with fuse link meet PV standard

· DC isolator or DC MCB for isolatation or over-voltage protection with inside operation

· Anti-lighting and surge protector only for PV

· Channel  6 sets of input/output connectors

· The enclosure is made for polycarbonate and ABS, anti-UV.

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