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Brief introduction of TOSUN

TOSUN is specialized in manufacturing and supplying low voltage electrical products and lighting products. It provides reliable products and one-stop solutions to customers worldwide.

In 1994, Mr. Ronald Lee, the chairman, entered into the field of low voltage electrical and gradually established TOSUN. In the past 24 years, TOSUN has expanded the business and enlarged the network by focusing on the brand TOSUNlux. Today, TOSUN has a professional network combined of several companies and branches for manufacturing, quality inspection, product R&D, brand promotion and international trading.

TOSUN is constantly striving to expand and perfect the product range. Now we have a great variety of electrical products including circuit breakers, switches, relays, contactors, stabilizers, distribution boards, panel meters and other devices for power distribution and control. Regarding lighting products, there are diverse LED and fluorescent lights for household, commercial and industrial use.

TOSUN has its manufacturing centers in Wenzhou and Shenzhen, China. The products are produced in accordance with the international quality standard. A lot of our products have got international quality approvals like CE, CB, TUV, IRAM and etc.

Due to continuous expansion and higher demand for our service, we have set up trading and investment branch in Germany, Hong Kong as well as mainland China.

Up to 2018, in 31 countries such as Morocco, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, Omen, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Dominica republic, Venezuela, Chile, Myanmar, agents of brand TOSUNlux have been appointed. Complex low tension electrical products and illumination products in best cost performance have been provided to 86 countries and regions around the world. TOSUN brings safety, convenience, practicality and happiness to consumers as well.

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